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The Peter Wilks Charity day was organized on Sat 24th September by Alan Thompson and a very successful day it was. The sum of  £480.0p was raised for St. Christopher Hospice

The captain's day was held on Sunday 18th September 2022. 

There could have been more home club members,  Dennis invited external club players to make up the shortfall so the day went well and monies were raised for St.Christopher Hospice.

The internal Competitions page on this site has been updated.

 An existing requirement is:-  When representing the club you must wear the Club shirts.  (Roll ups only requirement is white tops & grey trousers or skirts). 

WE ALL NEED to try and obtain NEW (playing) MEMBERS for the club's future. We are looking at delivering leaflets in the neighborhood early in 2023. volunteers required.

updated  28th December 2022 by L. Spendiff

Why not join our club? 

We have the best all round facilities of any club in South East London provided by The Warren Metropolitan Police Sports Club 

The Club House has a bar and Restaurant 

Open every day of the week from 8:00. Bar and food times are different so please look at their web site. 

New and prospective members' fees are £45 for the first year then £85 second year onwards 

Being a member of the Bowls Club is separate from the main club and you will need 

to pay £100 extra reduced to £50 for 2022 only ( get in quick) to join the main club and you will have all facilities available to you,  

e.g. tribute bands, Quiz nights, and Band concerts, plus 10% reduced drink & meal prices.


All new members and all novices joining the club are always welcome.  The club has spare bowls  in our equipment shed. Please ask any club members if you  need any help or have some questions about the club 

On a domestic matter can  players complete the Availability Binders in the Pavillion of your intention to play on the dates shown or conversely the Non-Availability Binder to assist our Captains in selection.

New Bowls clothing can be purchased from our treasurer Doug Sharman 

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